Event Staffing

Special events and industry trade shows are keys to new leads and business development, but they can be taxing on any company. Maximize your investment by sending in just the right personalities - naturally engaging, outgoing, charismatic people who know the ins-and-outs of these large scale events.

From set-up to tear-down, to delivering measurable results, let Dash step in and be your feet on the ground! We've built lasting relationships with our team so we can easily pair the right staff with your event based on your needs and expectations.

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Our Event Staffing Services

If you are looking to hire a team to represent your brand at a special event, our booth ambassadors will act as an extension of your team. Before being a part of any event, our team is trained on the product and everything that makes your brand truly unique. Our goal is to make it so your customers interact with our booth ambassadors exactly how they would someone who is a part of your company. Our booth ambassadors provide a total embodiment of your brand at a face-to-face event.

Our event hostesses engage in conversation with attendees and help you reach a larger audience at your next promotional event. They’ll address any specific questions booth visitors have and will use their experience with your brand to authentically promote it to attendees. At Dash, our hostesses are comfortable with events ranging in size from small and intimate to multi-day trade shows. All of our booth hostesses also learn specific industry knowledge so they can appropriately guide attendees.

Team leaders are responsible for on-floor execution and for keeping the event running smoothly, from set-up to tear-down. Our team leads will help to train all participating staff before the event and will work to keep everything, and everyone, organized throughout the course of the event itself. This includes staff scheduling and the constant evaluation of the experience being created at the event. Each special event will need a team lead to manage the team and address client needs - they'll be your key point of contact.

With our direct ties to the liquor industry, we have experienced bartenders available for hire for your next networking event or corporate party.