In-Store Promotions

Beverage Tastings & Off-Premise Marketing


Our off-premise promotional events comprise the majority of what we do.  

We focus on increasing brand awareness and driving sales where the sales take place – and we’ve got a proven track record for doing it right!  Our presence within key accounts allows us to steadily activate a loyal customer base while strengthening relationships within key accounts. Dash uses an internally incentivized approach to build sales numbers that keep our clients coming back, and store managers ordering more product!

Our promotional packages include:

  • Event scheduling with key accounts
  • Professional and motivated representatives, trained on products
  • Sales nudges, with low inventory for featured products reported immediately
  • All accounts across Colorado covered for travel (predictable invoicing)!
  • Sales numbers, photos, and a recap sent promptly each Monday, covering all events that took place over the previous week

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Promotional Offerings

Learn about the types of in-store promotions we can run for your brand

Liquor Tastings

One of the best ways to learn about a new liquor or spirit is to taste it and we’re here to help get your brand in the hands of your customers. These liquor tastings take place directly where the product will be purchased and our experienced team is able to influence a consumer’s decision right when it is being made.

Whiskey Tastings

Our love for whiskey runs deep - it's where we got our start in this business! If you're looking for the most educated crew out there, we have some serious bourbonistas ready to wow your accounts and customers! We're even equipped to conduct staff tastings for bars and restaurants!

Wine Tastings

Choosing the right wine is a very personal decision and is often based on experience and expectations. Let our team guide your customers through the elements of wine tasting, including the colors, aromas, and identifying the taste and flavors. All of which are important for getting a potential customer to take a bottle of your wine home.