Special Attractions

Be sure to visit our non-profits at this year's event!

One Nation Walking Together

One Nation Walking Together strives to make a positive impact in the lives of Native Americans-a people that are greatly underserved and misrepresented. We deliver the basic necessities of life and create brighter futures for those living in impoverished conditions. ONWT is an organization about People helping People, not a cause. By loading 53-foot semi-trucks that deliver up to $2 million worth of donated goods to reservations annually, ONWT provides hope and services to between 30,000 to 40,000 Native Americans in Colorado and eight other surrounding states.

Locally, ONWT is the only resource and referral agency providing a broad range of culturally appropriate programs, services and crisis interventions for Native Americans, the most disproportionately impacted group who experience higher levels of poverty, hunger, homelessness and unemployment than any other U.S. demographic. We gradually transition individuals and families out of crisis and into more healthy and stable situations.

Another important aspect of ONWT's mission is to speak to the public about the importance of keeping culture alive. Annually, we speak with businesses, churches, civic organizations and schools about the plight of the communities we serve as well as illuminate the beauty and resiliency of the Indigenous cultures, histories and values. In addition, ONWT hosts an annual Powwow (coming up on Saturday, August 8, 2020 at the Norris Penrose Event Center!) and throughout the year ONWT offers film screenings to further emphasize the importance of keeping the many beautiful and resilient cultures alive.

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HawkQuest is an environmental education organization, bringing live birds of prey into the classroom. HawkQuest's approach to education in classrooms and lecture halls is participatory and allows the audience to experience HawkQuest's eagles, hawks, owls and falcons at close range. HawkQuest cares for 37 non-releasable raptors.

HawkQuest staff will provide on-going presentations with live birds of prey throughout the event. Patrons will also have the opportunity to have their photo taken with one of the raptors!

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History Colorado

At History Colorado, we believe in making Colorado’s history accessible and in creating opportunities that connect people to Colorado and our past to cultivate an informed future. We are Colorado! Established in 1879, History Colorado is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and an agency of the State of Colorado under the Department of Higher Education. We are the trusted leader in helping people understand what it means to be a Coloradan—by sharing powerful stories, honoring our state’s treasured memories, and creating vibrant communities. We offer access to Colorado’s history through cultural and heritage resources like our museums and historic sites statewide, programs for families and adults, stewardship of Colorado’s historic treasures, and resources for students and teachers making a positive impact on preschoolers, students in grades K-12, and those in higher education. We provide programs and services related to historic preservation and archaeology as well as access to a vast collection of archives, artifacts, and historical photography. At its heart, History Colorado fosters cultural understanding, preserves and protects the physical, cultural, and emotional places that are important to our communities, and encourages appreciation of what makes Colorado Colorado. History Colorado will be staffing an outreach table where participants can learn more about History Colorado's educational programming and Ute Indian exhibits. There will be an opportunity to become a member as well!

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Sharp Knife's Blanket

As Living Historians, Kris and Roy are dedicated to producing the highest quality historic reproductions available anywhere in the world. All products offered are handcrafted, reproduced to scale, three dimensionally and as close to the original item as possible in construction and material. The most unique feature of the reproductions you are about to see is that period correct materials are used. Linen thread is used for beadwork, although items designed for use may also be finished using nylon beading thread for durability. Brain tanned deer, elk and buffalo hide is used for all reproductions. Hand worked buffalo and deer rawhide is used for parfleche items. Natural earth pigments are used for painting. Some reproductions are made with a patina to appear as if they are as old as the period in which they would have been originally created.

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Intertribal Spiritual Lodges / Wounded Knee Elderly Meals Program

As an Oglala Lakota Native, Leo Yankton is working to bring economic development and cultural healing to the Native community. The Manderson, Pine Ridge Reservation Elderly meals program needs a 4-wheel drive vehicle to pick up elders in the community for daily meals in the poorest county in America. At the festival you can help Leo to raise money to purchase this vehicle to provide basic needs & meals to the Pine Ridge community. For many, this is the only meal they will eat for the day.

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