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Important Dates and Times Set up takes place on October 1st. Artists will move in beginning at 10:30 in waves of about 40 at a time. Set up will conclude by sun-down.

The festival opens to the public on Saturday, October 1st at 9a, and concludes at 5p. On Sunday, the festival opens at 9a, and concludes at 5p.

Tear-down will commence at 5p, and typically all artists are gone by 7:30.

Location The show is on the southern roads within the park, 99% on the asphalt. See maps for more details.

Absolutely! Please email us

(subject "Cheesman Neighbor Volunteer") your availability Friday-Sunday, October 1st-3rd, and we will figure out some times. Volunteer tasks include selling water, delivering water to artists, grabbing lunch for artists when they can't leave their booth, and more!

This event impacts the roads WITHIN Cheesman Park on the dates of October 1st, 2nd, & 3rd (Friday - Sunday). Road closures will be present at the following park entrances, blocking vehicle traffic through the park: 8th and N. Williams, 9th & Race, 11th & Race, 9th & Humboldt, 12th & Humboldt. These closures have been present since 2020, so the neighborhood routes should not feel any change!

RTD routes will not be impacted.

Bicyclists MUST reroute or dismount while passing through Cheesman Park on the dates of October 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

Yes - we will have around the clock security Friday - Sunday night when we pack up and leave.

For many years we have had a rule that all vendors must park in our rented lot and take our shuttle to and from the show so that large-scale vehicles do not disrupt the neighborhood, and we will continue this in 2021. *This is not a requirement of Parks and Rec or the City of Denver.*

We do not plan to have a beer garden or alcohol sales in 2021.

We expect about 7,000 to come through the event over the course of the weekend.

Dogs are allowed at this event, as they're always welcome in the park! We'll have treats and water, but please remember that the pavement may get very hot for paws.