Ted Mellin is a Colorado native and a woodworking enthusiast. He began woodworking as a high schooler in a cabinet shop, and eventually graduated with a degree in Industrial Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. Ever since, Ted has moved on to produce a wide variety of exquisite pieces including wooden bowls, cutlery handles, vases, and so much more. Throughout the years, Ted has participated in many art festivals such as the Cheesman Art Fest in which he has exhibited every year since its inception.

Ted uses a mixture of techniques and approaches in order to craft the many different items that he offers. All of his pieces are individually turned and drilled on a lathe and comprise an assortment of wood types. These can vary from naturally colored hardwoods, such as walnut or box elder, or brightly-dyed yellow birch SpectraPly, which are then laminated together to create a unique, layered effect. Each item is finished with linseed oil or a lacquer sanding sealer, and hand rubbed with steel wool. The final product is an elegant yet functional, one-of-a-kind work of art and craftsmanship.

Ted has honed his skills through many years of practice and classes, and incorporates his passion and ingenuity into every single element of his work. With his visual prowess for finding art in a piece of wood, it is no wonder why so many people have enjoyed and cherished his pieces throughout his many years as a woodworker. His works can be found on his website at www.woodworkforyou.com.